As wood-destroying insects, wood borers are responsible for billions of dollars in property damages every year. For homeowners, wood borer problems can cause mounting frustration and costly repairs if infestations remain undetected. For businesses, wood borers can negatively impact their companies productivity, profits, and professional reputation. Pest Control Mumbai performs best wood borer service in Mumbai. When you see powder falling from wooden furniture it is a sure indication of wood borer infestation. Most of us incorrectly think this to be a termite contamination. Wood Borer service is a specialized service to control wood borer infestation. Oil based chemical is injected into the exit holes to provide effective treatment, We have a tendency to fill the holes with pure chemicals and wood wax to make sure that borers won't infest/re-infest the wood.The best way to control wood borer however, is through preventive treatment of ply wood before applying varnish, paint, laminate or any other finish.Manage humidity, wood items in your homes and offices. For effective management, call a professional pest control company - Mumbai Pest Control.